Scaffidi & Associates takes great pride in being highly selective and accepting only meritorious cases involving serious injuries.  To that end, all potential cases are subjected to a rigorous pre-suit review process.  Nowhere is that more evident than in our assessment of potential medical malpractice cases, where most initial client intakes are conducted jointly by a member of our litigation team and a practicing physician.  Following that meeting, the potential client’s medical records are obtained and thoroughly scrutinized by that physician and/or other medical specialists to ensure that the claims to be made are meritorious.

We believe that bringing a lawsuit is a very serious matter and one that should not be undertaken without due deliberation. We are unwavering in our commitment to this obligation and, as a result, we will not commence any medical malpractice litigation without first receiving certification from a physician that the claims to be made are good and meritorious. Our faith and belief in this review process gives us the ability to confidently bring lawsuits on behalf of our clients, even against some of the most prestigious hospitals and physicians in the New York metropolitan area.  Our experience and proven track record in medical malpractice litigation has benefitted our clients who have been injured through other acts of negligence, whether it be by motor vehicle accidents, product liability, or injuries occurring at work.  With our breadth of medical knowledge, we are able to properly assess not only a client’s current injuries but also the extent to which those injuries and damages are likely to continue into the future.

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