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Although investing in real estate can be a lucrative and rewarding experience, there are a number of challenges to consider and pitfalls to avoid. Whether you are a buyer or seller of residential property, a commercial real estate developer, an investor, or a business owner in need of a site for your enterprise, engaging in successful transactions depends on having the advice and guidance of the knowledgeable real estate attorneys at Scaffidi & Associates. By cultivating and working with a respected network of real estate professionals, including developers, realtors, title agencies and lenders, we work diligently to ensure that real estate transactions are handled professionally and expediently. Regardless of the size of a deal, we always put the best interests of our clients first and work diligently to help them achieve their goals.

nyc real estate attorney

Residential Real Estate

Any residential real estate transaction, whether the purchase or sale of a single-family or multi-family home, a townhouse, co-op, or condominium, storage unit, terrace, or vacant land, requires navigating a host of issues. For this reason, it is essential to work with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and secure your investment. At Scaffidi & Associates, we have experience in all phases of residential real estate deals, from arranging home inspections, reading board minutes and financials, and reviewing Purchase and Sales Agreements, to performing title searches and conducting closings.

When it comes to a contract of sale, we work to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected. In particular, a well-designed agreement will include provisions that protect a buyer from losing a deposit in the event that financing cannot be obtained. Additionally, all contracts must abide by state and local laws, and be transaction specific in order to meet the needs of each client.

We recognize that buying or selling a home can be a stressful process and we work to ensure that the intended deal proceeds smoothly. Our real estate attorneys also routinely prepare all the necessary legal documents, including purchase agreements and riders, as well as all necessary closing documents. Given the fact that buying or selling a home is the single largest financial transaction, many individuals will ever undertake, having the counsel of our real estate team is invaluable.

new york real estate attorney

Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate market is far more complex than the residential market, and is also subject to a number of federal, state and local laws and regulations. Moreover, transactions involving office buildings, apartment complexes, retail space, and other commercial properties depend on factors such as zoning, title clearance and financing.

Our attorneys have experience preparing construction-related documents for all types of projects and routinely work with our clients’ team of architects, engineers, construction managers, general contractors, and project managers. Although we prefer to reach negotiated settlements, if a dispute arises, we are fully prepared to litigate land-use matters.

nyc real estate attorney

Experienced & Efficient Representation

At Scaffidi & Associates, our commercial real estate attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that commercial transactions are handled in a timely fashion. We provide a powerful combination of legal knowledge and business acumen, and are fully prepared to help our clients achieve a successful return on investment.

New York City Real Estate Attorney

At Scaffidi & Associates, our attorneys represent clients in real estate transactions on matters ranging from traditional new mortgage closings and refinancings to obtaining property reports and title commitments. Additionally, we handle more complex loss mitigation transactions, such as deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, loan modification agreements, short sales, and other alternatives to foreclosure. Finally, we are available to represent lenders, banks, servicers, investors, and guarantors regarding loss mitigation, foreclosure and other matters. Regardless of the size of a transaction, we always put the best interests of our clients first. Call our office, or complete the contact form on our website, to set up a consultation.

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