Types of Car Accidents in NYC

Common New York City Car Accidents

sometimes car accidents are head on collisions

The frequency of car accidents is something most of us don’t like to think about. Considering how congested the city is, numerous fender benders are to be expected, but more serious accidents in an urban setting may come as a surprise. Of course, serious car accidents occur in suburban as well as rural communities as well.

If you or someone in your family has been injured or killed in a car accident in New York City or the surrounding counties, you should consult with Scaffidi & Associates. We are a law firm well-known for our track record of success in car accident cases. Our acclaimed personal injury attorneys have won millions of dollars in compensation for victims of car injuries. Many types of car accidents are described below; all of them occur on highways and country roads, as well as on city streets.


There are many factors that contribute to rollover accidents. For one thing, the model of the car being driven can make a rollover much more likely, depending on its center of gravity, height, and the load it’s carrying. Other factors that influence rollovers are often environmental in nature — slippery or rough road conditions, bad weather, or objects or animals in the road. As with any other car accident, the chances of your car rolling over are increased by driving at a high speed, while impaired by drugs or alcohol, or while distracted. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, almost 16 percent of car fatalities are rollovers, and nearly 85 percent of all rollover-related fatalities are single-vehicle crashes.

Single Car Accidents

Not all car accidents involve two or more vehicles. In many cases, one driver, with or without passengers, veers off the road, often due to falling asleep, being distracted, or otherwise impaired. It is also possible for a single motorist to hit a post or fence, often in his or her blindspot (though rearview cameras in cars are helping with this problem. Single car accidents may also be the result of potholes, debris or animals in the road, bad weather, or sliding off the shoulder and can also involve hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions, in which one car crashes into the vehicle in front of it, are the most common variety of car accidents. Whatever causes the driver in front to stop suddenly — something in the roadway, a mechanical problem with the car, bad weather conditions, or something going on inside the vehicle, most often rear-end collisions are considered to be the fault of the driver in the car behind. This is because it is the rear driver’s responsibility to leave enough room between his/her car and the car in front for safe stopping, even in unexpected situations. Fortunately, many rear-end collisions happen when drivers are not moving at high speeds or when the front vehicle is stopped. This is one reason that, although rear-end collisions account for 40 percent of car accidents in the United States, they result in only 5 percent of crash fatalities.

Side-Impact Collisions

Also known as broadside or T-bone collisions, side-impact crashes are appropriately named. They frequently occur at intersections, in parking lots, or when one car is passing another on the road. The NHTSA reports that side-impact collisions account for about a quarter of car passenger deaths. The severity of injuries varies widely based upon where the impacted vehicle is hit and where an occupant of the car is sitting relative to the point of impact.

Side-Swiping Car Accidents

Side-swipe accidents are collisions involving two vehicles traveling in the same direction. Most often, these accidents occur when one driver is changing lanes without looking carefully, or when one or both drivers are unwittingly sliding into the side of the next lane. Unless the drivers are traveling at high speed or don’t react promptly enough, these accidents may involve damaged vehicles but no personal injuries.

Head-On Collisions

The NHTSA also reports that head-on collisions, though relatively rare (accounting for only 2 percent of car crashes), are extremely dangerous, resulting in well over 10 percent of driving fatalities. This is partially due to the fact that the kinds of injuries that typically result from these collisions are very severe, including traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, and other catastrophic injuries. Victims may end up paralyzed or with some other permanent impairment such as loss of sensory, motor, or cognitive ability.

Reasons for head-on collisions can be the result of inattention to road signs and traffic signals, alcohol or drug impairment, texting while driving, sleepiness, or inadvertent lane switching. Such accidents often occur when one of the vehicles is making a left turn at an intersection. Head-on collisions are considered to be the most dangerous types of traffic accidents.

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