Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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Commercial Real Estate in New York CityNavigating the commercial real estate market can be complicated, since there are numerous local, state and federal laws and regulations that come into play. Whether it’s the purchase, sale, or lease of office buildings, retail sites, apartment complexes, mixed-use properties, warehouse and storage facilities, or any other type of commercial property, closing a deal often requires the skills of seasoned real estate attorneys.

The commercial real estate team at Scaffidi & Associates routinely consults with and represents owners and developers, buyers and sellers, lenders and other financiers on all types transactions. We are well-versed in the applicable laws governing these deals.

Key Issues in Commercial Real Estate

It is worth noting that there are a host of laws and regulations that govern commercial property transactions in New York. In particular, owners are required to disclose the condition of the property to tenants, particularly the presence of known and unknown toxic substances. There are also a number of local and state laws regarding zoning and land use. Some of the other key issues relative to commercial property include:

Financial Issues

Successful commercial property transactions hinge on arriving at an accurate valuation. Some of the factors involved include the size, age and condition of the property, current and future income streams, and the value of comparable properties in the market. Although commercial real estate ventures can be lucrative, there is often a significant amount of money at stake, which means it is crucial to have adequate capital reserves to make the necessary financing payments.

Issues with the Property

Conducting a thorough investigation of the property is necessary to uncover potential issues, such as land use and zoning requirements, environmental considerations, existing liens and other title defects, easements and/or encroachments. Our commercial real estate attorneys are committed to protecting the interests of our clients, and work to help them avoid liability, or seek redress, for any legal, environmental or building code violations.

Our experienced attorneys work closely with clients through each stage of a commercial property deal. In particular our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Negotiating, reviewing, and preparing Leases or Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Conducting due diligence by arranging for inspections, environmental reports,
  • Surveys, and engineering reports
  • Land use approvals
  • Title Search, Title Clearing, and Title Insurance with all available endorsements
  • Representing buyers and sellers at closing or lease signing
  • Complex commercial real estate litigation

Commercial Leasing

Our practice also includes negotiating and preparing commercial lease agreements for all types of properties, including office leases, warehouse leases, retail leases, shopping center leases, and ground leases, on behalf of landlords and tenants. Our objective is to negotiate mutually beneficial annual rental increases and lease terms, that include concessions, build outs and renewals.

New York Commercial Real Estate Closing Lawyers

Because commercial real estate transactions are far more complicated than residential deals, and involve a number of unique issues, it is crucial to work with attorneys who have experience in, and knowledge of, the market in the greater New York area. At Scaffidi & Associates, we collaborate with a respected network of industry professionals including developers, commercial real estate agents, lenders, architects, and engineers, as well as local and state government officials. We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure that each commercial transaction is handled expediently, professionally, and efficiently. If you are a buyer, seller, or lessee, landlord or developer, call our office to arrange a consultation or complete the contact form on our website.


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