Common Injuries from Riding Public Transit

New York City residents and visitors rely on public transit every day to get them to work, social events, and to take them home to their loved one. Unfortunately, accidents on public transit and public transit property leave many people with serious injuries each year. These accidents can include being injured as a passenger on a subway or bus, or being struck as a pedestrian or bicyclist by a bus, falling or otherwise being injured on a subway station platform or stairs, or otherwise being injured on public transit property or by a public transit vehicle. If you or a loved one has been injured in a New York public transit accident, you deserve justice and compensation for your injuries.

Here are some of the more common injuries stemming from accidents involving New York public transit services and facilities:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Most people associate traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) with sports, but TBIs can occur on public transit, too. Many public transit-related brain injuries are caused by slip and fall accidents on transit property or as the result of injuries sustained in accidents involving transit transportation. TBIs include a wide range of brain injuries from concussions to more serious brain injuries which cause loss of motor functions or mobility. They can also affect your mood or mobility for the rest of your life.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be caused by severe crashes involving transit transportation, as well as by sudden stops that throw individuals to the ground or into other hard objects. They can also be caused by slip and falls on transit property. These are some of the most severe injuries one can experience on public transit, as they often result in permanent damage like loss of feeling, motor control, or even paralysis. Even comparatively less severe injuries, like misalignment of the spinal column or herniated disks, can cause injured individuals to miss work and lose quality of life.

Broken Bones

We’ve all been on the subway when it stops suddenly. Many times we are able to grab hold of a rail or seat, but this does not always happen. Sudden stops can result in people falling to the ground or into other hard objects, which in turn can cause broken bones and fractures. Further, accidents involving transit transportation can cause more severe broken bone issues, such as broken ribs puncturing lungs or other severe internal damage.

It is also important to note that the time for bringing a lawsuit against a transit agency is significantly shorter than the time limits for cases against private companies or individuals.  A Notice of Claim must be filed with the transit agency within 90-days of when the accident happened. Thus, it is important to speak with an attorney as quickly as possible after your accident.

At Scaffidi & Associates, we know that New Yorkers rely on public transit every day. It is public transit’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all of their passengers, but unfortunately that does not always happen. If you were injured as the result of a crash, slip and fall, or other accident on the New York transit system, you deserve justice and compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and any other costs to your quality of life. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have a strong reputation for successful lawsuits against public transit for related injuries and are ready to help you. Contact our offices today!

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