Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in New York

If you were injured on the job in New York, you may be eligible for compensation for lost wages, medical treatment, or other costs associated with your injury. Read on to learn more about how New York workers’ compensation works and how the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Scaffidi & Associates can help you get the workers’ compensation you deserve.

About New York Workers’ Compensation

Most New York employers are required to offer workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. The New York Board of Workers’ Compensation oversees workers’ compensation claims filed in the state. New York’s workers’ compensation system is a no-fault system, meaning that it is not necessary that you prove your employer acted carelessly in order to recover workers’ compensation benefits. Rather, New York simply requires that you demonstrate that your injury happened on the job or was caused by your job activities.

What Benefits Are Available Through New York Workers’ Compensation?

When you are injured on the job, the damage is rarely limited to immediate medical expenses. Many people who are injured on the job face long-term medical treatment costs as well as lost wages for the duration that their injury and any necessary rehabilitation keep them from working. In addition to covering the cost of lost wages and medical treatment, workers’ compensation can also provide you with permanent disability benefits as well as vocational rehabilitation for training for a new line of work.

What Do I Do if I am Injured on the Job?

If you are injured on the job, the first thing you should do is seek appropriate medical care to ensure your health and safety. Once you have received the medical care you need, you should promptly inform your employer about your injury. New York requires you to notify your employer of your injury within 30 days of it occurring, or else you risk losing all or some of your workers’ compensation benefits.

When you contact your employer, be sure you do so in writing to create a paper trail. Be as detailed as possible, providing information on how the accident happened, when it happened, the nature of your injuries and symptoms, and any parties who were involved or witnesses to the incident.

How Do I File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Once you inform your employer about your injuries, you must also file a claim with the New York Board of Workers’ Compensation within two years of your injury. At this stage, it may be helpful to engage the services of an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney. The knowledgeable attorneys at Scaffidi & Associates have extensive experience representing workers’ compensation clients and helping them navigate the New York workers’ compensation system. They can also assist you in ensuring your claim is promptly processed, as well as in appealing any denied claims.

Need to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in New York?

Some jobs carry a higher risk of injury than others, but no employee ever deserves to be injured on the job. If you were injured in a workplace or construction accident, deserve compensation for your suffering, medical care, and lost wages, and the experienced New York workers’ compensation attorneys at Scaffidi & Associates are ready to fight for you. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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