FAQs About Premises Liability in New York

Premise liability in New York City can be a topic that is simultaneously broadly understood and entirely unclear. The reason for this is that everyone may know they’re responsible for maintaining their property, but no one knows all the different ways that a poorly maintained property can lead to a costly lawsuit.

Here are a few of the most common premise liability questions that attorneys face.

What Is Premise Liability?

The concept of “premise liability” broadly means “you’re responsible for maintaining your property.” However, it carries a large amount of weight because it requires a property owner to take steps to protect others from coming to harm on their property.

Another way of understanding premise liability is that a property owner could be responsible for someone’s injury if they were willfully negligent in creating or addressing a particular defect.

What Falls Under Premise Liability?

Many of the cases you might associate with personal injury law can have a component of premise liability involved. The following can be treated as premise liability cases, depending on the details:

Since it’s largely dependent on negligence by the owner of the property, pretty much any injury that results from the owner’s negligence can result in a premise liability case.

Why Should I File a Premise Liability Lawsuit?

Filing a lawsuit can be time-consuming and create a lot of stress, which is perhaps one of the last things you’d like to think about doing while recovering from an accident. However, ensuring that you file a lawsuit can provide you with benefits that can help you recover and after you’re healed.

Premise liability cases can provide victims with compensation equal to the medical and rehabilitation costs, the wages they lost due to the injury, and property damages where applicable. Victims are also entitled to compensation for non-monetary costs of the accident, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, disability, and scars. 

However, you must get the help you need as soon as possible since New York has strict statutes of limitations that must be followed if a lawsuit is to be successful.

If you are seriously injured on someone else’s property and want to find out more about premise liability or schedule a consultation with a premise liability lawyer, call Scaffidi & Associates today!

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