How Lead Paint Exposure Affects Children

Having children can be one of the most challenging and rewarding undertakings you can take, and it’s perfectly natural to want to protect your little ones from all the harm the world can throw at them. However, despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes a child ends up hurt because of a hidden threat, like lead paint.

Lead is one of those hazards that can come quietly but leave behind significant damage to you and your family. It has a particularly severe impact on children, with even a tiny amount putting them at risk of severe symptoms and even death. 

Luckily, a product liability lawyer in NYC can help you understand what impact lead can have on your child and what protections your child is entitled to. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s So Special About Lead?

Lead is a heavy metal that’s toxic to humans, but it’s also an incredibly versatile metal that’s made its way into various construction materials over the decades. While we have a better understanding of how dangerous lead can be, it can often still be found in paint, especially in homes and apartment buildings constructed before 1960. 

While adult bodies can manage some levels of lead safely, children can’t. That makes even the slightest bit of lead in your home a risk that should be mitigated.

How Can Lead Affect My Child?

Children’s bodies are growing and changing, which means that lead can easily disrupt the normal developmental processes. In fact, here are some potential risks associated with lead exposure: 

In extreme cases, if your child is exposed to lead, it can lead to coma or death if the lead concentration gets high enough.

Where Can My Child Be Exposed?

A common way for children to be exposed to lead is through chipping lead paint or lead dust, but that’s not the only way your child might be at risk. Lead paint can be used to coat imported toys or jewelry and is even found in some kinds of imported candy. 

Aside from imports, your child might be exposed to lead if the pipes in your building have lead in them. Due to lead’s properties and utility in construction, it was once used in pipes and plumbing solder, which can leech into your drinking water if they aren’t properly maintained.

For more information about the effects of lead exposure on your child, or to schedule a consultation with one of our product liability attorneys in New York City, call Scaffidi & Associates today!

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