How to Recover Damages from a Mass Transit Injury

On any given weekday, an average of about 8 million people rely on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which also includes New York City Transit, MTA Bus, Long Island Railroad, and Metro-North Railroad. Given that the population of New York City is roughly 8.5 million people, the number of regular users of mass transit in the city is more than substantial. Most of the time, public transportation safely carries this daily charge of passengers by bus, train, and subway. However, when MTA employees and staff are negligent, accidents are more likely to occur, affecting millions of people and causing severe injuries to passengers. 

If you have been injured as a result of a mass transit accident, you could be entitled to significant compensation to cover medical costs, pain and suffering, and other damages you may have incurred. Therefore, it is essential that you bring in Scaffidi & Associates, some of New York’s best personal injury lawyers, representing clients throughout the five boroughs, including the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as Westchester, Rockland, and Orange Counties, and on Long Island. 

Different Types & Causes of Mass Transit Accidents

Although less common than car accidents, mass transit accidents do occur, and it may not come as a surprise to note that these accidents are frequently more severe than most other accidents on the road. Watch the video below to learn about the different kinds of mass transit accidents and their most common causes: 

Whether a mass transit accident happens by train, subway, bus, or some other mode of public transit, if you were injured as a result, calling Scaffidi & Associates is your best bet to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Damages for Mass Transit Negligence

In any personal injury case, there is at least one victim and defendant. If you were injured as a result of the defendant’s negligence, then you are almost always eligible for financial compensation. In mass transit personal injury cases, the negligent party could be the driver/operator of the vehicle, the MTA itself, the municipality, all three, or another party entirely. Obtaining a favorable recovery will require sufficient proof of negligence by the other parties, enough evidence collected proving the extent of your injuries, and a timely lawsuit filing.

It is important to understand that, regardless of the existence of evidence, only a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney can collect and utilize that evidence to build up a strong case and achieve a positive result. At Scaffidi & Associates, our team of attorneys has a strong understanding of personal injury proceedings and can recover medical documents, security footage, police reports, witness statements, and other relevant data and evidence to ensure that you get the compensation and justice you deserve for your injuries. 

Learn more about mass transit personal injuries and top legal services by calling Scaffidi & Associates in Manhattan today!

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