What is Premises Liability?

There are many types of personal injury cases, but one of the most common examples is premises liability. Premises liability is the potential legal responsibility of a property owner or operator for the injury of a person on the property. These cases can exist on or in almost every owned or leased structure or space. They can involve any number of hazardous conditions, including ice, fire, wet floors, inadequate security, and unsafe construction materials, among many others. The only caveat to making a personal injury claim concerning premises liability is that the plaintiff (injured party) must prove that the defendant (property owner or lessee) was negligent in the use, maintenance, ownership, or control of his or her property and that the plaintiff sustained injuries as a direct result of said negligence. 

At Scaffidi & Associates, our personal injury lawyers in the Bronx, Kings, New York, and Queens Counties, NY, and in Staten Island, Long Island, Rockland, Westchester & Orange, understand premises liability law and can provide legal representation for victims of premises liability. Keep reading to learn more about common premises liability injuries and the legal process for these cases:

Premises Liability Injuries & Complications

Personal injury cases take on many shapes and sizes, resulting from injuries of varying levels of severity and causes. Here are a few of the more common premises liability injuries:

Conditions of Premises Liability

Just because you were injured on another person’s property or that the injuries sustained were caused directly by the hazardous or otherwise unsafe conditions on the property, does not mean that you have a premises liability case. Instead, you must prove by a fair preponderance of the evidence that the property owner or operator was negligent (i.e., that he or she was aware of or should have reasonably known about unsafe conditions and failed to take the necessary steps to make the premises safe). 

If you were injured because of a hazardous condition on another person’s New York property, give Scaffidi & Associates a call today. We will fight to get you significant compensation!  

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